​​​​​​​MISSION STATEMENT: Taking The Lead
Every community needs leadership. As the social and sexual issues surrounding HIV continue to change, we must be vigilant and remain involved, connected and aware of new policies and ideas confronting our LGBTQ HIV+ and HIV-negative Communities. This webpage and the information offered here are dedicated to improving our quality of life - not only as a community but also as individuals. It is my hope that you share this with anyone who might benefit so they become empowered to stay the course, get involved in local or national discussions and CONTINUE TO STOP HIV just by getting tested for HIV and using basic social / sexual commonsense. 

​It's OK to be HIV+ and it is OK to have sex, BUT it is NOT OK to go to jail for infecting someone who is HIV-negative. That my friend is not "OK".


This innovative social event will be focusing on the success of HIV+ & HIV-negative people, and is a celebration of our achievements over the past 20 years. Our unity, our commitment, our support and our progress. But how can you see first hand in real time our national accomplishment against HIV? Just use your cell phone and Google these two questions:

1) What is the population of America?

2) How many are living with HIV? (How many are HIV+?)

    (Now subtract)

This is the current number of Americans who are HIV Free (HIV-negative)

Lets celebrate this discovery - together - both HIV+ and HIV-negative. After more than 30 years we deserve it.


​​Each one of us is a natural leader. A coach empowering our family, friends or partners; and to help them be more successful than they would be if they were on their own. "Social or Sexual HIV Coaching is the practice of understanding our personal health comfort zones, and applying innovative HIV Prevention awareness in a context to enhance the well-being of ourselves. To restore our confidence regarding the social and sexual HIV related choices we make, regardless of our HIV status." (Robert Brandon Sandor, 2017)

Brandon's POZ Socials (BPS) achieves this by raising the standard and being a springboard for the community to build upon. BPS helps our community build effective relationships through Trust, Caring, Empathy and Open Communication. HIV Stigma is eliminated. Anyone can create or attend an HIV+ related social event or group meeting, however, to not fully understand the virtue that the group has as a unified whole, and not to focus that energy to a higher standard is then wasted and worthless. 

Back in the mid 1990's I pioneered BPS as an innovative grassroots approach to the concept of HIV prevention without the restrictions of a clinical enviornment, our conversations end when we choose to - not because "We can't say that here" or "Time's up."

BPS raises the standard of our comfort level and empowers us to stay the course, "HIV Prevention becomes a lifestyle and not a medical suggestion." (Robert Brandon Sandor, 2017)

Basic Questions:

1) Can I attend? Yes. Anyone, HIV+ or HIV-negative, any race, any income level, we are ALL involved in the conversation and are HIV Coaches. Not just the elite or chosen few.

2) What is discussed? Examples: What is the population of US and how many are living with HIV? (are we winning or loosing?), If you are HIV-neg now and not on PrEP, what did you do wrong? If BareBacking (unsafe sex, sex without condoms) is wrong and harmful, why is the Adult Entertainment Industry making billions in profits each year? Do I have Freedom of Choice regarding my sex partners? 

3) What activities can there be or is this just a bunch of old men sitting around complaining about HIV and life? How about enjoying a sunny day with 20 or more guys and gals outdoors around the BBQ poolside? Would you like to sit in the hot tub or take a dip in the pool? Or maybe a game of pool inside is more your fancy. I enjoy a little putting on the putting green next to the lighted tennis courts to unwind and discuss important topics. Do you? (see photos below)

We can meet at my place (TBA Oct 2018) and begin with cocktails and snacks with some music in the background to set the mood and get to know each other. The discussions will follow. In short; this is NOT a cold clinical environment where we have to sigh in, provide our email or cell numbers. This IS a relaxed, informal social gathering of like minded people who wish to network and learn more about HIV prevention than what is currently available. 

Our History - From 1996 to Today.

August 1996, NYC - It started as a way for me to find an HIV+ boyfriend at a time when "The HIV Witch Hunts" were in progress for more than a decade. It was part of our LGBTQ Culture - Disclose your HIV+ status and you were banished. Full stop. The End. But I wasn't happy, I was afraid and wanted to share my life. I wanted a boyfriend.

What's wrong with that?

And so it began, with two free ads* in the local gay rags and fear of lawsuits or worse - jail. (See "HISTORY" below in the LINKS)

Today - Anyone, anywhere can host or attend an HIV+ related party, event, camp out, cruise or fundraiser. There are countless FaceBook Groups and hook up sites where members post their HIV status willfully to total strangers. Conversations around HIV, status disclosure, stigma and concerns are common and encouraged online.

Care to take a step forward and change the world?

(*Anyone who wants to read the ads - as they were published - can, I have both copies and MORE  after more than two decades. )

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Library Of Topics:

The links offered below are just a sample of my ongoing community service empowering the LGBTQ Community, from  August 1996 to the present. Feel free to explore them at your leisure, share with a friend or discuss. (MORE to come)


HEALTH - An innovative look at 30 year old thoughts.

Research - Directly or Indirectly 

NDRI, The World Trade Center and Me( pdf research)

(My name is listed in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS)

History - How HIV Status Disclosure Went Public 

The NYS Department of Health and Serosorting(pdf manual)

70% Of HIV+ Gay Men Do Not Have HIV "In Check" (research)

40% Of Gay Men Have Sex With Their Own HIV Status(research)

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