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PRESS STATEMENT (the short version): With all the negative news and hate coming to us from all sides, I just wanted to create something to help make our (LGBTQ and LGBTQ Friendly) lives a little better.

My Friend;

Are you a "Snowbird", a business traveler, location scout, newly moved to the area or a seasoned local looking for something different?

I would like to take the time to thank you for your interest in LGBTQ TAMPA BAY . I'm very excited to be able to bring this new and ambitious website to you and the metro bay area. I hope that you, and all who join / visit find this to be a pleasant and fun online experience. Here at LGBTQ TAMPA BAY I am hoping to create a fun and informative website for you, whether you're just looking to talk, meet your soul mate, list a rental, post a "for sale", attract new customers to your business or get information. With links to local and national sites I hope that I can make it easier for you to find what your looking for - a one stop shop available online 24/7. This site is being designed with you and the Tampa Bay Metro Area LGBTQ Community in mind by staying ahead of the curve.

It is without question, that as the local bay area enters into a newly realized BUILDING BOOM attracting an ever growing younger population from around the nation (world?), the Tampa Bay Metro Area (
Tampa and St Pete) is destined to become the East Coast version of San Francisco. With that in mind, LGBTQ TAMPA BAY will be an exciting site for LGBTQ students, men and women who want a new, and relaxed forum to enjoy the company of other LGBTQ people - without the hassles, attitude, and prejudices you may have experienced on other websites or in person. 

Whether you are single, have a partner (husband or wife) or married with children, here at LGBTQ TAMPA BAY you won't have to deal with all the endless text messages and chat just to find out that the other person isn't interested or discriminating. At LGBTQ TAMPA BAY you're in control. Feel free to be who you are. Be creative with your postings in the
GROUPS SECTION  with MORE than 30 regional FaceBook Groups and help them find you. Someone is out there looking for you, your business, event or your support. Take your time to know us - your community - a simple  "good morning! how is your day going" or even "it's great to see you" are definitely positive ways to make new friends. EXPLORE REGIONAL VIDEOS

I want all who join / visit LGBTQ TAMPA BAY to feel welcome and know that there is always a friend here.  

Robert Brandon Sandor

US Air Force vet '79-'83

Humanitarian Service medal '79

Honorable Discharge '83

HIV+ '83

Cancer Survivor

HIV Activist, Author, Visionary

America's Leading HIV Prevention Innovator

Just an FYI:
"Following the success of the first UNWTO Global Report on LGBT tourism published in 2012, UNWTO and International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, a UNWTO Affiliate Member, decided to embark in the preparation of the Second Global Report on LGBT Tourism, offering a more extensive analysis of LGBT (lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual) tourism."

Get your PDF copy here: UNWTO Global Report on LGBT Tourism