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PRESS RELEASE: Tampa Bay, Florida, USA - Attention Film Producers, Media Publishers and HIV Researchers worldwide... EVERYTHING you know about HIV Prevention has changed. More than 300 million HIV FREE Americans have proven this. 

There's nothing unusual about what we're seeing at the moment regarding HIV. It just so happens that these events (continued status disclosure, getting tested, low HIV transmission rate, reduced HIV stigma and the sudden explosive increase of a multi billion dollar Gay Bareback Adult Entertainment industry) are occurring all at the same time in America.

All the HIV
research proving this social and sexual behavioral change correct has occurred in the United States since the late 1990's. One only needs to connect the dots.

Therefore, if you're just looking at one tiny snapshot (for example: HIV Testing in the past 2-3 years in NYC) in such a short period of time - it looks like it's something special, and that things are happening all at once. But, if you stand back and look at it in the larger scale of things, you'll see that the social and sexual behavior change is continuous and socially accepted nationwide.

In other words, Community Driven Social and Sexual Behavioral Change not clinical. HIV Prevention has become a lifestyle, not a medical suggestion.

One person can make a difference.

Robert Brandon Sandor (att: Brandon)

US Air Force vet '79-'83 

Humanitarian Service medal '79

Honorable Discharge '83

HIV+ '83

HIV Visionary, Author, Activist and Innovator '96-Present